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Remote working - The New Office

Remote working was uncommon only a few years ago. Working from home was typically only accessible under particular circumstances. But now, it has become the ultimate office setup. Many companies, in fact, are managed entirely by remote staff. Employees who work at companies with physical offices are now permitted to work from home once or twice a week.

The scope of remote work has expanded dramatically thanks to technological advancements. Remote work has become much easier thanks to the tools like Zoom, Google Meet, online chat, screen sharing software, cloud storage, and so on. While remote work comes with some disadvantages, we just cannot overlook its significant benefits.

Advantages of virtual working

The pandemic made remote working a necessity due to lockdown and continues spread of the disease. While some get settled into virtual working real quick, for others it took a while to fit into the new normal. But over time, organizations around the world started to notice the significant benefits of this new work setup. And we are going to discuss some of the most important ones:

  • Increased Productivity: Productivity is the most significant factor in achieving success. Surprisingly, employees were more productive in remote working than they were in the office. The removal of traffic-clogged daily commutes and long in-person meetings were the primary cause for increased productivity.

  • Cost-efficiency: Businesses no longer need to spend money on office rents, utilities, and supplies. Or they maintain a very small office.

  • More exposure to talent: Remote working enables the recruitment of talents from anywhere in the world. Because the team is not working in the same office, they can work from anywhere.

  • Flexibility: Employees can work from anywhere and anytime they are comfortable with. It also offers better work-life balance along with flexibility.

  • More scalability: You can hire more employees without having a second thought about office space management, and equipment setup.

Remote working is an advantageous way forward for businesses

The pandemic made remote work mandatory. Even for those businesses who used to hesitate to accept WFH. Now many employers have understood that well-planned remote working provides some real advantages to businesses.

The most notable advantage of remote working for any company is employee retention. 54% Employees in the US s believe they would change employment if they had more flexibility. It implies that by giving your staff WFH flexibility, you can simply keep them on board. Retention invites more productivity, engagement, and eventually profitability to the business. Furthermore, people who work remotely are less likely to take breaks than those who work in a real office. They can also do their responsibilities throughout their holidays.

Uninterrupted Business Continuity in Uncertain Times

Remote working prevents companies from shutting down in the event of a disaster, in addition to cutting company expenditures and increasing access to talent pools. It's a good idea to create a remote work backup plan in the case of a natural catastrophe, a national emergency, or a community-wide sickness epidemic. Disasters can happen anytime. It is a good idea to leverage the idea of remote working in your business continuity plan.

Flexible Capacity Expansion

Working from home is fantastic. But you know what's even better? FLEXIBILITY. Remote working has shown that anyone can readily adjust to this new work style. It applies to a wide range of enterprises and sectors. But do you really believe that businesses would abandon their headquarters indefinitely?

People still want to get out of their houses. They require changes in their environment. Finally, we are social animals. People also desire to interact with one another. It's where innovation and collaboration take place, as well as business culture. FLEXIBLE WORKING is the only solution to all of these issues.

Flexible working allows employees to stay at home when they need to. Whether to care for a sick child or to avoid wasting time on a long commute to work. They will also be able to come to the workplace anytime they want to socialize or discuss with their coworkers.

Remote Working is a Boon for Better work-life balance

As soon as you finish your work, the next minute you are ready to take over your personal life, thanks to remote working. You don’t need to wait until you reach home to take your kids to the park. Or you don’t need to spend hours in traffic to reach your football practice. Working from home allows you to achieve a better work-life balance. It might help you feel more in control of your life by giving you more time to arrange work and home responsibilities. This provides employees a sense of accomplishment and makes them more productive.

But remote working may also come with an extra badge of availability. Because you are working from home, you are available for work 24/7. The flexibility sometimes increases your work pressure. Let’s give you some tips and tricks to maintain a healthy work-life balance while doing WFH:

  • Follow a strict work schedule and to-do list.

  • Notify your boss about your online and offline timings.

  • Take breaks in-between working hours.

  • Keep a corner dedicated to working inside your home.

  • Do not answer business calls after working hours, if not necessary.

  • Get ready as if you are going to the office every day.

Optimum Use of Technology

Working from home has never been more popular than it is now. When it comes to remote working, everyone is a digital nomad thanks to the employment of cutting-edge remote technology. Working from home has its own set of difficulties. Remote working makes it harder for managers and employers to keep track of employee attendance and monitor their daily duties.

But by leveraging the latest technologies, monitoring everything remotely is a walk in a park. Technologies like cloud computing, chat apps, video calling facilities, project management tools, employee monitoring tools, and mobile apps can make any company a hybrid one.

Remote Working & Paraplanning

Just like any industry, the finance industry is also blooming online. More companies are hiring their finance teams online. This is best for cost-cutting and providing quality services. We are more than happy to be your paraplanning BFF to help you thrive in the industry.


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